Homework 4 Photoshop

I was inspired to work on these two collages for multiple reasons. Most importantly, I think these are two very important issues that stick out to me in today’s world. Climate issues are always the first thing that comes to mind whenever I think of ecological issues. First and foremost, pollution is a very serious issue we deal with in today’s life. I always hear people saying save the turtles, even as a joke but it is very important to actually be aware of how we as humans are hurting our environment. When we fail to throw out or recycle our garbage it can very well impact our wildlife especially seen in oceans. Turtles, seals, fish, and other oceanic animals can be killed or left with a piece of garbage stuck around them for the rest of their lives. Plastic suffocates and kills our wildlife and is ultimately ruining our oceans. Another important factor we need to discuss as a society is global warming and climate change. This image really hurt my heart when making it because looking through images of all those sad polar bears not realizing what is going on in their homes and shelter breaks my heart. Not only is climate change seen in the arctic but we are also witnessing droughts, wildfires, hurricanes and more. My geology teacher has been stressing the importance of climate change this semester and it inspired me to make this second collage. Not only did I love experimenting on photoshop, but it raised a new awareness of how important these issues are.
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