Homework 6

My final eye is a mix between tears of joy/ a sad eye. I tried to add a blue hue as well to really showcase sadness, but when I look at the eye I see it more as it is experiencing a happy and sad moment. For this assignment I struggled a little bit with the eye shape, but I was able to laugh at myself and just accept you can’t be good at everything! I remade this eye multiple times because I just didn’t love it, but I realized a more valuable lesson. You can’t always get everything right on the first try but you can always practice to improve. As for the linkedin learning video there seem to be a lot of new and different techniques and tools to use for adobe lightroom that I am looking foward to understanding better. I also liked how it went into depth on the blend mode tool in Adobe Lightroom. I found it useful that the video showed all the patterns and shapes you can use in the app as well. I am looking foward to getting more used to it!